A commercial bank need to
implement Salesforce and OpenAI



About Company

Our client is a private commercial bank. They need a centralised setup, which has a huge impact on the company’s bottom line with the latest OpenAI facilities. They focus on automating the processes that are essential (for example, routine finance functions and basic reporting). 

Salesforce is the latest company to join the generative AI revolution. It is designed for customer relationship management. 

The official AI tool provides various functions. These functionalities help automate a lot of repetitive tasks and processes and facilitate faster decision-making.

Project Challenges

  • The client wanted to migrate their business data from their legacy system.

  • Maintaining the physical records of all deposits and loan transactions was difficult.

  • All the information was split across many platforms, so getting actionable insight was getting difficult, and so on.



  • Utilising AI-powered tools, Salesforce’s customer service teams provide personalised responses to customer inquiries.

  • It analyses customer interactions and offers insights to enable organisations to enhance customer engagement.

  • It enables the consolidation and analysis of data from various sources. That analysis promotes an understanding of marketing performance and efforts.

  • Salesforce Inbox AI sorts many manual tasks like emails and response drafting.


  • Overall, our client benefited from our services, solutions, and Salesforce implementation training with 100% user satisfaction.

  • faster, more reliable workflow

  • secured and structured data management system

Customer’s satisfaction Increased by 78%
Complexity to manage services and data Decreased by 80%
Maintenance cost Decreased by 40%