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About Us

Cloudy Coders - Your One-stop Solution for Salesforce Implementation

Are you looking for a credible Salesforce Consultant? Cloudy Coders has experts in all aspects of Salesforce consulting and a proven track record. We provide end-to-end solutions for all your CRM requirements. We are the next generation IT solution providers and possess talent beyond measure. Rest assured, you are in the best hands!

Who are we?

We are a close-knit team with a clear aim to provide a comprehensive Salesforce implementation for all your business needs. With our immense expertise in all things Salesforce and a proven track record of success, you can trust you are in good hands.

Our office is currently based out of Noida, India, and we are in the process of multiplying our business both nationwide, as well as globally. Our expertise and service quality speak for themselves!

Having a certified team of expert solution architects, successful entrepreneurs, Salesforce professionals, and enthusiastic developers, we ensure efficiency at every step of the process to “get it right the first time”.

What do we do?

Cloudy Coders offers the below-mentioned services.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and
  • AppExchange Product Development
  • DevOps

We are one of the exceptional up and coming CRM solution providers, with Salesforce being our forte. We are growing at a fast pace to mirror the constantly changing IT industry. Our highly effective workforce offers an end-to-end solution. They aid in developing and implementing mobility solutions. We have a proven successful track record. We have created and implemented Salesforce CRM for all types of businesses.

Core Values / What do we Stand for?

What differentiates us from other CRM solutions providing partners are our core values. Our enthusiasm and client-focused approach provides a necessary boost among all competitors

We Thrive on Productivity

Our main goal is to provide expert CRM solutions to all your business requirements. We achieve this by customizing and implementing the world's No.1 CRM platform. We work hand in glove throughout the process; pre-sales, sales and post-sale services.

Efficiency to the core

Our team includes certified architects, entrepreneurs, Salesforce professionals, and developers. With an expert team, we ensure overall efficiency at every step of the process. We vouch for getting it right the first time!

A Varied Range of Customer Experience

We have worked with many clients from a heterogeneous assortment of domains. Our clientele includes firms in insurance, retail, healthcare, financial services, etc. We deliver end-to-end solutions with increased productivity, mobility, and seamless integration. After identifying individual needs, we customize the implementation of the Salesforce platform.

We love what we do

And we are good at it. So, what are you waiting for? Improve your efficiency with one of the best Salesforce Implementation Partners.

Our Key Industry Verticals

Cloudy Coders is an acclaimed Salesforce implementation partner for clients in varied verticals.

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Why Cloudy Coders?

Why should you prefer Cloudy Coders over other Salesforce Consultants? Here’s why. These are the six pillars that form the soul of Cloudy Coders.

  • Accountability

  • Customer Oriented Approach

  • Focus on Learning

  • Teamwork

  • Passion to Deliver Quality

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Cloudy Coders is currently serving clients from multiple countries in varied domains to their utmost satisfaction. We invest in the latest technologies at par with the global trends. With global research capability, we offer robust solutions at an optimal cost-to-performance ratio. While maintaining competitive rates, our quality remains uncompromised. We are straightforward in our costing, with no hidden charges or suspicious plans, which speaks value to our transparency oriented model.

    Integration Cloud

    Integrating data from all business processes is vital to a business’s success.Integration Cloud offers one of the most trusted platforms for integrating your systems. Power up your sales and marketing efforts by combining.

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    App Cloud

    The App Cloud offers a wide range of mobile applications to ease every aspect of your business. It provides a portfolio of apps to improve your overall efficiency.It enables the developers to build collaboratively and efficiently.

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    Iot Cloud

    The IoT Cloud collects data from all the household devices connected to the internet. Use this data to generate valuable customer insights for your organization.You can understand customer preferences and serve them better.

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    Manufacturing Cloud

    Manufacturing Companies use it to integrate all their purchases, inventory, and sales data. Use this harvested data to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Financial Service Cloud

    The Financial Services Cloud enables institutions to offer customer-centric financial solutions. It provides asset management and wealth management

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    Education Cloud

    Educational institutions can use the Education Cloud to integrate all their operations. It helps them efficiently manage recruitment, admissions,

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    Nonprofit Cloud

    As the name suggests, Non-profit organizations use this module to integrate their processes. Organizations can maintain a life-long relationship with all their stakeholders.

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    Health Cloud

    The Health Cloud integrates all the patients, medical and benefits data for a healthcare provider. This data can thus improve the overall operating efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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    Vaccine Cloud

    Salesforce Vaccine Cloud enables government administrations, healthcare providers, and organizations to transform the vaccine administration process. It allows the integration of all the functions

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    Why hire a Salesforce Consultant?

    Every business needs a simplified way of maintaining their data and processes without bearing the headache of maintaining it, or without it being too complex to manage. This is where the CRM comes into the picture, with Salesforce being the leading one in the market globally.

    To customize to your personal needs and business, you can hire a professional Salesforce implementation consultant, like us. A good consultation firm ideally consists of a diverse team of certified experts with complete knowledge about Salesforce products, to meet all your needs and support you throughout the process to uplift your business.

    At Cloudy Coders, we follow a consultative-driven approach for implementation and support. As consultants, we understand your business requirements and recommend appropriate Salesforce products. Our experts plan and supervise the Salesforce implementation process. Besides, they train the employees and create a user adoption policy. Moreover, we offer post-implementation support and maintenance.

    Our Salesforce consulting services make your business processes efficient. We help you achieve this level of efficiency by:

  • Configuration

  • Customization

  • Migration

  • Integration

  • Support

  • Services provided by Salesforce Consultants

    The advantages of hiring a Consultant rather than doing it yourself are many

    Salesforce Implementation Experience

    Consultants are experts in customizing and implementing the platform based on individual requirements. They have an assorted team of developers, architects, entrepreneurs, and Salesforce professionals. All these experts work hand-in-glove to make the implementation successful.

    Follow the Best Practices

    We have experience in successfully implementing the Salesforce platform across verticals. This experience equips us with industry-specific best practices for improved efficiency. We avoid expensive errors and make the implementation hassle-free.

    Training your employees

    We plan an adaptation policy to reduce the resistance from your employees. Our experts train them on the various modules and help them adapt. Employees are the ones bringing about the success or failure of the system. Instilling confidence in them is the key to adapting to new systems.

    Post-Implementation Support

    Cloudy Coders ensures post-implementation support to our clients as long as it is needed. We resolve any problems that may surface in the future. We assure timely response to avoid delay in daily business activities.


    Hiring a consultant might seem like a costly affair in the beginning. But in the long run, it is more cost-effective compared to hiring an in-house executive. It also reduces all your expensive mistakes, and thereby, it is an economical option.

    Seamless Integration

    Our experts will integrate the platform with all the pre-existing systems and software. Integration is the key to the efficient functioning of the organization.

    What is DevOps?

    Software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), these two terms have existed in the market for a long time with distinct teams having separate skill sets, but DevOps as a separate entity and concept has been in existence for about a decade and a half now. The main purpose of the mentioned concept is to shorten the systems development cycle and bring together all the stakeholders involved in the process, mainly the developers and operations team, to reduce the time between “committing a change into the system” and placing it on the intended place of execution (the customer). All of this is done while ensuring the quality of the product. The key principles of DevOps are; shared ownership, workflow automation, and rapid feedback to transform the technology change happening every day, into business benefits.

    DevOps in Salesforce

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are currently the world's largest software market and the pace of growth is unlikely to slow down in near future. But being such an important part of the software economy it also has its issues such as manual deployment causing delays in the process of solutions, quality assurance is a major issue as testing or validation units are either absent or not integrated into a single chain, code loss, and confusion, etc.

    Since the 2018 winter release, Salesforce made available the DevOps practices such as continuous integration (CI), automated testing, and infrastructure as code within the Salesforce toolset. CI refers to the overall process of continuous pushing of codes by the developers into a central environment resulting in constant collaboration and reducing the chance of bugs. Similar to this mentioned tool there are seven other tools, namely Version Control, Test Automation, Data Backup, Data Recovery, Static Code Analysis, Importing/Exporting Data, and Sandbox Management, that make development and releases faster and less prone to errors. Merged quality control measures make it easier to increase the software quality because the traditional methods of quality control which occur near the stage of execution are not very much effective and simultaneously are time-consuming. DevOps in this way solves most of the above-mentioned problems.

    Why choose Cloudy Coders?

    We as a startup are very much different from the others because our USP is our work ethics. Excellent services and transparency with the client are our foremost priorities. We as a company may be new in the market but our team consists of highly skilled and certified Salesforce developers, architects, and enthusiasts. The whole and sole purpose of our initiative is not merely money-minting but prioritizing and building trust among the clients, creating economic dependability and cooperation. All these things are only possible with sheer focus, and dedication, which we assure you of. The best thing in business is client retention and it is only possible when one provides economical and excellent services consistently like we have been successfully doing ever since our inception in the market. So come and join us in helping you implement the best possible DevOps solution for your projects.