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Salesforce Health Cloud is a platform that improves the health IT CRM system. It helps to make the doctor-patient relationship better and also refines record management services.

The health cloud integrates information from multiple data sources. It includes EMRs, wearables and other medical devices as well. All this integrated data supports one-to-one relationship management.

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What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

The purpose of the Salesforce Health Cloud is to manage doctor-patient interaction. It also improves the record-keeping of medical establishments. The health cloud collects data from multiple sources and brings it all to one place. This lets you have complete information about each patient.

Therefore, the health cloud allows medical professionals to give more personalized and intimate attention to their patients. All the data in this platform is secure and completely reliable.

The Salesforce Health Cloud allows its users to access information about their patients in real-time. This information mainly consists of the medical history as well as past health check-ups.

This platform lets you know about the experience of your patients as well. It provides a holistic record of the patient. You can view clinical data, interaction history, pharmacies, and planned visits as well as health care teams on the Salesforce Health Cloud.

How does the Salesforce Health Cloud work?

Salesforce Health Cloud uses advanced technology for a better CRM. It gives a useful insight into the relationships between doctors, patients and health care institutes.

One can access information like medical history, health plans and medications with the help of this platform. The health cloud lets you organize and manage all this data into one system.

Hence, the Salesforce Health Cloud has replaced the traditional record-keeping methods. It is an intelligent solution which is approved legally and can be integrated into all the areas related to medical treatment. Besides, the health cloud lets the collected information be used to develop statistics and new actions.

What does Salesforce Health Cloud Offer?

The primary objective of the Salesforce Health Cloud is to improve patient care. It makes sure that everything becomes easy for a patient from the first point of contact to medical billing.

Therefore, the Salesforce Health Cloud has been implemented by innumerable healthcare and life sciences enterprises. These include healthcare centers, medical device companies, providers as well as pharmaceutical firms.

Since the health cloud tracks a patient's itineraries it can spot the health care gaps. It can also organize post-acute care, scale cure management and build plans as well.

Moreover, the health cloud helps patients to find treatments ever more quickly. This is mainly done by making the centralized data of the patient available to all involved parties.

Salesforce Health Cloud monitors the improvements in patient care. For this purpose, it utilizes customized data to see how a patient is responding to their medications. It can be said that the health cloud is more about patient interaction rather than record-keeping.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a platform that enables procedures like-

  • Gaining patients
  • Right marketing campaigns for patients
  • Recruitment of physicians
  • Classification of risks
  • Surveys and evaluations by patients

Key features of the Salesforce Health Cloud

Easier setting of a care plan

Health cloud lets you give a tailored health care plan to your patients. Such plans are created as per the requirements of the patient. Therefore, Salesforce Health Cloud lets you address all your concerns and provide the best solutions.

It becomes easy for a patient to enroll in the care plans as the method becomes more efficient. Hence, it improves the service quality and also decreases the operating expenses at the same time.

Personalized attention

Medical professionals can provide individualized services by giving more sufficient attention. The requirements of the patient can be fulfilled every step of the way.

The health cloud mitigates the data silos. This reduces security loopholes, inconsistencies as well as delays in the service delivery. The actions are centralized in the health cloud. So everyone has access to the same data. This further improves efficiency in providing services.

3600 patient overview

This feature assists in providing patients with the most effective health care services. Besides the patient’s view, it gives a complete 3600. pictures of the patient’s condition.

Within a few clicks, you can have access to numerous vital information about the patients. You can get aware of their present health status, medical history, appointment history as well as medications used.

Real-time Interaction

A constant connection can be made with the patient through the Salesforce Health Cloud. The convenience of the patients and doctors can be increased by connecting to a private Salesforce community. This reinstates confidentiality and trust among the patients.

Integration with Electronic Health Records

Salesforce's health cloud can be integrated with the Electronic Health Records (EHR). This provides a centralized view of all the goals connected with different treatment plans.

It also helps to manage health records more efficiently. Connection with EHR lets all the data be collected in a single platform. This also improves the effectiveness of the services of a company.

Sales and medical device optimisation

Centralized data and important insights allow more job automation across several devices. Therefore, the Salesforce Health Cloud is also useful for medical equipment manufacturers.

It also helps to assist the medical staff in real-time through treatment projections, useful insights and analytics. It improves the overall effectiveness of the treatment process.

Tailored programs

Patients can receive optimal healthcare if the medical institutes can develop programs that are specific to the particular patient. Salesforce Health Cloud proves to be very valuable for this task.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud works on improving patient experience and care management through its user-friendly design. In this way, it makes an enterprise’s CRM even stronger. Here are some of the benefits of implementing the Salesforce Health Cloud:

  • Automated forms bring down mistakes and automate activities
  • The entire medical history, contact information, health issues and prescriptions can be seen by the patient on just a single page.
  • Data gets collected from various medical devices and wearables.
  • Classifies patients on the basis of condition, age, drugs or other criteria. The beneficial insights of the health cloud can let you know whether a patient is taking therapy or other treatment. This allows the innovation of better solutions for the patient.
  • The use of charts and color codes by the heath cloud makes the data more comprehensive.

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