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Service Cloud by Salesforce is a customer service platform. The main objective of the Service Cloud is to improve customer support. This purpose is achieved by making customer support quicker and more efficient.

Salesforce Service Cloud helps to increase customer retention by at least 45%. Moreover, this platform also increases general productivity by 47%. Most importantly it enhances the speed of case resolution by 31%.

What is the Service Cloud by Salesforce?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a built-in customer success platform on Salesforce. It offers a 3600 view of all the customer’s profiles. This in turn helps to provide better, quicker, smarter, and more personalized services.

In other words, the Service Cloud is a CRM and support solution by Salesforce. This platform can be used to automate several service operations. It helps to organize workflows. Service Cloud also eases the accessibility to various subjects, articles, and experts. This greatly assists the customer service representatives.

salesforce marketing

The main purpose of the Salesforce Service Cloud is to customize the marketing interactions with all the customers. Moreover, this interaction is enhanced across many different platforms and channels.

The case management functionality also lets you track various activities related to sales, clients, and support automation. Therefore, this platform makes the management of client data and service discussion more efficient and productive.

Why do you need Salesforce Service Cloud?

Every business requires Salesforce service to attain a 3600 perspective of their clients. This proves to be extremely beneficial for the growth of business as well as the retention of more clients. Salesforce Service Cloud improves the efficiency of operations and gives useful insight to make informed decisions.

Implementation of the Salesforce Service Cloud grants the agents access to some of the most advanced tools. These tools help these agents to work faster and become more productive. As a result, your company can provide an exceptional customer experience. So, your business grows with the help of happier customers and lowered expenses.

Salesforce Service Cloud helps consultants to record customer information along with notes. Moreover, it provides the simplest way to track all the clients and save all their data in one place. Hence, the Service Cloud improves case management and interactions.

Benefits of using Salesforce Service Cloud

Some of the most important benefits of the Salesforce Service Cloud are mentioned below-

● Lightning Service Console

This tool gives your teams in-depth knowledge of all the clients related to their cases.

● Customer Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards represent the analytic side of the Salesforce Service Cloud. It helps by converting the requirements of customers into visual representations. So, you get all your information in the form of charts, metrics, graphs, funnel charts, and tables.

● End-to-end Case Management

The Service Cloud by Salesforce lets the users document, track as well as resolve customer problems. Cases guard the most significant data in Salesforce. It helps to track the complaints of all the customers.

Service Cloud also offers a holistic view of all the clients, and customizes your services in a way that all the clients receive the best possible services.

● Automation and Macros

Macros Salesforce Service Cloud provides extremely versatile functionality. It is better than an automated setup as users can describe their needs quickly and by doing less work.

It has a UI that is based on clicks. So, it is very simple to use and brings about excellent results. Moreover, it works the same for both tailored as well as feed-based objects.

● Social Customer Service

Salesforce Service Cloud provides personalized social customer service. This lets the agents give personalized customer service to an array of social media platforms.

It enables the generation of leads or cases from posts on social media. Lastly, the Service Cloud helps you give personalized responses through the same channels.

Key Features Of Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is full of functional features that help to make customer dealing fluent and smooth.

● Customization Options

Personalized customizations are offered by almost every Salesforce Cloud service. And no doubt that customization is an integral part of the Salesforce Service Cloud. However, with the Salesforce Service Cloud, the customization options escalate to another level. It helps to increase the productivity of the businesses and also increases the workflow. Moreover, it also elevates the opportunities for upselling and cross-selling with the help of improved efficiency in customer service.

● Case Creation

Another very useful and important feature to maintain customer relations is Case Creation Feature. Here, you get the ability to constantly track queries and issues in solving customers' queries. With the help of this data, you can redirect the agents to let them know where the system is lagging. Moreover, this data is also important for process automation of query handling. It also allows the head of the case management team to command a team over a particular case. It is called the Case Team Feature of Service Cloud.

● Email Integration

The smooth sync of Email and its important data with your Salesforce is extremely necessary for smooth customer handling. The email Integration feature helps to smoothly integrate the important data from emails into the system. This data results in improvements in customer relations and also points to relationships with other businesses. Moreover, it also helps to keep the customers up-to-date with their query status.

● Automation with Macros

Automation is another important feature that exists in almost every cloud service of Salesforce. In the Salesforce Service Cloud, the feature of automation comes with the support of Macros. It increases the accuracy of automation features and makes it more useful with multiple tasks. Automation helps to eliminate human errors and accidents while processes are being done. In addition, it increases the consistency of the support system that helps the businesses to grow the trust between customers. And ultimately, it eliminates the need for human force for repetitive tasks.

Best Practices While Implementing Service Cloud

There is a tonne of features that exist in Salesforce Service Cloud. And implementing all of these is a big deal. However, you can leave it to us. But to help understand it better, there are some features that should be implemented properly to get the best result:

  • Automation features with the support of macros should always be implemented for repetitive tasks. It helps to save time, increases consistency, and eliminates human error in one place.
  • Make your staff used to the lightning service console. It provides the ability of multitasking to the staff and saves a lot of time and resources. It also provides a 3600 view of insights regarding the customers.
  • Make asset and order management your default view. This lets you keep track of the vital information of customers. Moreover, it also helps to track the shopping behavior of customers at a particular time.

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