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Education Cloud is another platform by Salesforce. It focuses on strengthening CRM in the education sector like schools and universities. This platform gives opportunities for students, staff, and alumni to stay connected with each other.

The Education Cloud was developed to deliver personalized engagements. It also delivers proactive advice as well as the connected experiences that students expect.

Some more benefits of the Education Cloud include the K-12 focus, the Power of Us hub, data architecture, and the K-20 focus. All these factors together play the role of connecting students, staff schools, and universities in a better manner. Besides, they also give educational institutes a 3600 holistic view of the education journey.

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Get Familiar with Some New Terms

Here you can know about some of the key terms mentioned above. This will help you get a better idea about the services of the Education Cloud.

Power of Us Hub

This is a community support hub. It lets the Education Cloud user get 10 free subscriptions. The new users can also find discounts on other products, subscriptions, and services from Salesforce.


This term refers to the school years from Kindergarten to grade 12. The Education Cloud can be used to scale as the school grows. It stores all the data about every student and their families. Thereby, it acts as a ‘single source of truth’.

Since all the data is in one place, it makes it trouble-free to interact with students and their families.


K-20 refers to the school years from Kindergarten to the completion of the degree. This means that the Education Cloud can be used for higher education as well.

The Education Cloud makes it easier for higher educational institutes to track dual enrollments. They can also track the universal learner profile and more.

Data Architecture

Data architecture forms the foundation of the Education Cloud. It lets educational institutes start with Salesforce quickly. Data architecture provides objects, logic, and automation for program enrollment and student data.

Benefits of Implementing Education Cloud

Institutes that implemented Salesforce in their institutes have witnessed tremendous benefits from it. Here are some of the changes you get to see after using the Salesforce Education Cloud service-

Increase in enrollment- Institutes using the Education Cloud noticed an average of 11% increase in student enrollments.

Quicker response- With the help of the Education Cloud, schools and colleges began getting quicker responses from students. The responses grew 38% quicker for student needs

Increased engagement- These institutes were able to increase the engagement of students, staff, and alumni.

Reduced expenses- The Education Cloud helped the institutes to decrease their expenses in the IT sector. A total of 60% decrease was observed in such expenses.

Improved productivity- The Education Cloud lets you keep a check on everyone’s performances. Therefore, this results in at least an 80% increase in staff productivity.

Increase funding- Salesforce Education Cloud allows you to stay connected with the alumni and donors. This increases their involvement and improves your funds.

Why Should You Implement Education Cloud

Since education is moving online, soon we can expect that there will be more online-centric education institutions than offline. However, it is not very easy to manage online schooling. There will be a lot of different portals that you will have to manage like fee submission portal, e-learning portal, etc. However, you can shed this load on our Education Cloud that is made to support students, teachers, and parents. Our Education Cloud can manage a huge amount of data in one place. Moreover, there are a lot of advancements that you can gain by implementing an Education Cloud in your institution. Some of them are:

  • It helps you to provide your students, their parents, your staff, and alumni with a personalized and enhanced experience.
  • Provides security to all your internal and external communications
  • Provides access to a lot of Salesforce tools and services
  • Provides scalability to your institution both offline and online
  • Our Education Cloud is developed specifically for educational institutions

Our Education Cloud Services

We offer a lot of services in our Education Cloud that will help in boosting your institution. These services are very necessary for the advancement of your institution. Let's talk about some of the features of our Education Cloud briefly.

Enhanced Admission Enrollment

This feature of our Education Cloud helps to increase the number of enrollments by making the process easier. Our cloud automates most of the processes like query management, marketing, communication, etc. Moreover, it integrates all these processes to make the overall process feel smoother and faster.

Better Student Management

This feature helps in the maintenance of students' records. Our Education Cloud is so smooth that you can get all the information of any particular student in a single click. From their attendance to their participation in any activity, you can see anything regarding them from any of your systems.

Automate Marketing And Advertising

Marketing and advertising are very important aspects of the success of any educational institution. Since our Education Cloud automates most of the processes regarding marketing and advertising, you don't have to worry about anything. Our Education Cloud works so smoothly that you will get multiple times more leads than before. You can integrate all your running advertisements and marketing campaigns into a single cloud.

Management Of Loans and Grants

Loans and grants application should be managed very precisely. Our Education Cloud can manage all loan applications on a single platform. Our cloud can integrate with the information of all students to evaluate and provide grants to the students.

Strengthen relationships with alumni

A strong and positive relationship with the staff and alumni is very important to succeed in academic institutions. Since our Education Cloud extensively works to create a better channel for the staff and alumni, the relationship between you and your staff will get strengthened.

Integrated Campus Experience

With Salesforce EDA stands for Educational Development Architecture. With EDA you can send personalized reports to your students. You can send them their academic reports along with the areas where they should work more. You can provide them with their lifestyle report with the help of Salesforce EDA.

Why Choose Cloudy Coders For Education Cloud Services

Including all the services that are mentioned above, Cloudy Coders' Education Cloud provides some more services and features that will help in the development of a personalized Education Cloud for you. Cloudy Coders provide personalized assistance and consultation to their clients. It results in the best and most unique Education Cloud service every time. Moreover, cloudy coders help to pick the best-suited apps and software for your Education Cloud. Their testing facility enhances the result for users. In addition, their support and maintenance team is one of the best in the Salesforce services market.

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