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Salesforce app cloud is a simple solution for mobile application development and management. In simpler words, the app cloud is an assemblage of developmental tools.

The app cloud is popular among developers as it lets them create applications at the speed of light. Besides, the apps made from the app cloud continually run on the salesforce platform.

App cloud reduces the developers' burden, allowing them to focus on building solutions rather than infrastructure. Thus, it empowers developers by enabling them to focus more on coding. App cloud has helped salesforce become the link connecting its CRM and mobile tools.

The app cloud has brought together mobile, social, and cloud platforms. So this has made the work of enterprise developers several times more manageable.

Salesforce App Cloud

Services offered by Salesforce App Cloud

Below are some of the essential services provided by the Salesforce app cloud.


Heroku is a cloud platform that supports many languages. It has integrated data services. Moreover, it provides a robust ecosystem that helps scale, deploy, and manage the applications

Building apps on this platform becomes easier as it allows open-source techs. It is compatible with PHP, Python, and other such languages

Besides, Heroku keeps an app-centric approach. This approach allows the delivery of software integrated with the most recent developer tools. (Salesforce Platform) simplifies the development of cloud-based applications. It also makes it easier to deploy the application and websites in a brief period. The customization, scalability, and performance of this platform are extraordinary. allows users to develop websites and apps using APEX. It also allows the use of Visualforce, which embeds both CSS and HTML at the same time.


The lightning platform speeds up the app development many fold. This platform makes app development quicker by using pre-built components.

Besides, using all these components in a drag-and-drop environment makes the process faster.

The most significant advantage of this platform is that people without programming experience can use it. Moreover, they can also implement their applications with this platform.

Some other features provided by App cloud’s Lightning are-

  • Lightning component
  • Lightning web component
  • Lightning process builder
  • Salesforce lightning design system (SLDS)

Trailhead provides many educational paths to learn new skills and become more familiar with the platform. It is an interactive learning platform.

Trailhead makes learning exciting by offering badges or points like a gaming platform. These badges let you know your level of proficiency in the acquired skill. With the help of trailhead, you can stay updated with the most recent developments in the industry. In short, this platform helps you stay ahead of others by making you aware of all the updates.


In simple terms, AppExchange is Salesforce's app store. It is the leading marketplace for cloud enterprises. The services do not stop at different departments but across industries and businesses.

Besides, its 'App Guides' feature has been made highly user-friendly. This feature lets you go through some of the most recommended apps per your industry or business use.

Not only does it offer pre-made apps, but it also gets you in touch with Salesforce partners. AppExchange allows you to get your app built with customized features.

Salesforce Shield

As the name suggests, this platform protects your data with data encryption tools. The Salesforce Shield increases the clarity across all the other apps.

Salesforce Sandbox

Sandbox is a platform that gives you a safe space to try out your ideas. The platform achieves this by providing the users with an isolated development environment.

Why should you choose App cloud?

App cloud provides nothing but a great and user-friendly experience. Here are some significant reasons to choose app cloud for your enterprise:

Business process automation

The App cloud is a fraternizing platform that lets you collaborate faster. It makes your work efficient. Also, you can build apps for mobile for every department of a company in a brief period of time.

Customer experience

This platform is a collection of development tools. Thus, it allows you to quickly build highly beneficial apps per your customer's requirements. Doing so enhances the customers' experience and increases their interaction with your business.

Connect and Integrate

The app cloud allows you to connect smoothly and integrate all the databases. This is possible with the use of mighty APIs.

Mobile applications

Another way you can enhance customer experience and interaction is by creating apps that evaluate your customers' data.

Automated processes

The process builders in the app cloud decrease the processing time by empowering business automation.

Multi-language Support

App cloud's Heroku allows you to use numerous open-source languages to build or deploy your apps. Some of the languages this platform supports are Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Low code architecture

App code is a beginner-friendly platform as well. Hence, members of the team who have little or no technical knowledge can also use basic apps on this platform. This benefit allows the team to decrease the time given to development

How are Cloudy Coders the best Salesforce App Cloud Service Providers?

The team at Cloudy Coders consists of certified Salesforce consultants. We provide an impressive and complete range of salesforce services.

We are the top Salesforce service provider with an outstanding customer satisfaction rate. It is a matter of pride for us as our clients always trust our services and keep coming back time and again.

Some of the key points that we keep in mind while completing your projects are-

Discovering the actual problems : We do not go astray and keep guessing the issues. At Cloudy Coders, we believe in digging out the exact problem and solving it for you as soon as possible. As a result, this ensures minimum loss to your business

Effective solutions : Our team of consultants and developers develop the most effective solutions for your problems. We make sure that proper steps are followed while implementing the solutions. The strategies put in front of our clients are some of the best and most well-researched plans.

Adept Support system : Cloudy Coders don’t isolate you after you have paid for our services. Our support system is always ready to help when you encounter a problem while implementing our services.

These are some of the qualities that have increased our client’s trust in our service. They are a perfect reflection of our professionalism and dedication.

Salesforce App Cloud