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Pardot by Salesforce is a marketing automation tool. This powerful tool provides businesses with effective solutions and saves time. Salesforce Pardot has a lot of benefits. This tool is used to manage, plan and even launch online marketing campaigns. All this consequently enhances an enterprise’s efficiency and ROI.

What is Salesforce Pardot?

Pardot is a lead management and B2B marketing automation product by Salesforce. Pardot proves to be extremely advantageous if you are a business that sells to other businesses. This tool will automate marketing operations and bring the sales and marketing team closer.

Salesforce App Cloud

Salesforce Pardot tracks prospective clients and provides you with useful insights across multiple platforms. This helps you to develop a more personalized approach and hence convert your lead into beneficial customers.

One of the best features of Pardot is that it is completely customizable. Therefore, you can tailor the platform according to your company’s needs

What is the difference between Pardot and Salesforce?

Salesforce is the main center of all customer interactions. So, apart from the sales and services interactions, Salesforce is also fed with information through the integrated systems. Consequently, this allows Salesforce to form a collective comprehensive 3600 on everything that is happening across multiple channels

Salesforce is the main center of all customer interactions. So, apart from the sales and services interactions, Salesforce is also fed with information through the integrated systems. Consequently, this allows Salesforce to form a collective comprehensive 3600 on everything that is happening across multiple channels

Salesforce manages leads, contact data, opportunities, and life cycles. Hence, it is more beneficial for salespeople. On the other hand, Pardot manages prospect data, their behavior, email marketing, etc. So it is dedicated more towards the marketing team.

How do Pardot and Salesforce work together?

Both Pardot and Salesforce work together by leveraging the data of both platforms. The data of both platforms are synced together by the Salesforce-Pardot connector. Pardot provides Salesforce with information on leads. Salesforce gives information on the sales team’s activities to Pardot. Pardot provides data like whether the leads are qualified or not and how the opportunities are progressing. It also gives information like the products and services are being purchased or not.

Key Features of Salesforce Pardot

There is no doubt that Salesforce Pardot can take your marketing for your business to another level. But how is it able to do so? The answer lies in the out-of-the-box features that make it a must-have tool for your business.

Lead Management

Salesforce Pardot has a lot of unique features that help in the management of leads. The conversion of leads is only possible when the lead will be managed properly to that stage. Salesforce Pardot saves a lot of time and human power by automating these processes.

Lead Classification

The classification of leads based on the data analysis is the most important. Salesforce Pardot helps in the classification of leads into different levels such as most likely to convert and unlikely to convert. This automated process that is completely based on the current and previous data helps to save time as well as helps to identify the level of attention needed for the particular lead. This process is also known as Lead Scoring.


Salesforce Pardot provides such data and insights about the leads that helps to develop good personal relations. You will be able to engage the leads more compared to those who don't have this crucial data

Report And Insights

The data analysis of Salesforce Pardot is unbelievably good. The reports and insights generated by Salesforce Pardot always come accurately. These reports and insights help in running successful marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Pardot's email marketing platform makes it possible to run successful email marketing campaigns. You can create vibrant, responsive emails that are customized to attract your desired audience using an intuitive, visual email builder. The visual nurturing canvas, scheduling option, and autoresponders in Pardot are helpful elements for automating the customer engagement process. With the help of this tool, you may collect statistics on deliverability and top-performing content, personalize and send your consumers the messages that are most relevant to them.

Benefits of Salesforce Pardot

Here are some of the numerous benefits you get to enjoy after implementing Salesforce Pardot in your business.

  • It connects the marketing team with the sales team. Salesforce Pardot connects consumers to service providers automatically. This helps to design tailored shared methods which help to increase opportunities.
  • Pardot provides a significant boost to sales. Features like grading and scoring help to categorize leads of the highest quality.
  • Salesforce Pardot automates the marketing processes also. It helps you to identify goals and get the appropriate tools to measure the success of the goals.
  • Pardot also lets you track the interests of your consumer base using tools like social media schedulers.
  • After the implementation of Pardot, you will also be able to notice a significant rise in your revenues because of the successful ad campaign and traceability

Salesforce Pardot v. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The differences here are not about the functional differences but to identify whether you need Salesforce Pardot or the Marketing Cloud by Salesforce for your business.

With these distinctions in mind, Marketing Cloud is the best option for your company if you require a platform to facilitate consumer engagement across many channels. The features of Marketing Cloud are likely to be quite useful for those in retail.

On the other hand, Pardot is the best choice if your sales process calls for ongoing nurturing and you need to close the communication gap between your marketing and sales teams. The best users of Pardot are those who have high-value products.

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