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The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is equipped with all the tools you need to build an engaging digital presence. Nowadays, customers have complete control of how they interact with brands. Therefore, a company needs to keep its customer relationship management excellent.

All marketers know that managing customer expectations is one of the most hectic tasks. For this purpose, every business needs to adopt some techniques that will help them keep up with the expectations of the customer. Marketers also use several techniques to gain the attention of their consumer base and to engage with them. This is where the Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes to the rescue.

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What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is a digital marketing platform. This platform lets you offer a tailored customer experience as well as optimize all your marketing efforts. The Marketing Cloud makes things easier for you by automating marketing across numerous channels. Some of these channels include email, mobile apps, websites, and social media.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to connect all the customer experiences and interactions across multiple channels. Therefore, you can now control the flow of messages and react to the activities of the customers as well. Moreover, you can also attain significant insight which will help to develop your business in a very simple manner.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps to organize and manage all their online marketing efforts. Every tool that you need to engage your customers is available on a single platform i.e. Marketing Cloud by Salesforce

Why choose the Marketing Cloud by Salesforce?

The main objective of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is to take your client journey to the next level. It enables you to deliver customized engagement to each client across every platform.

With the help of the Marketing Cloud, you can get smart solutions for your business whether it is B2B or B2C. Some of the important tasks managed by the Marketing Cloud are-

  • Integrating datasets
  • Communication with customers
  • Analyzing the performance of campaigns
  • Customizing all the channels

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you deliver a personalized experience to your clients. Therefore it improves your customer experience, thereby enhancing your sales and consumer base as well.

Key Features Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has two main modules that are studios and builders. Studios are responsible for the content and channels management whereas Builders help in the management of data and also lead the automation of campaigns. Let's look at some of the Studios and Builders that exist in the Marketing Cloud.


Email Studio: It previews tests and sends emails.

Mobile Studio: It plays a crucial role in mobile digital marketing. Sending SMS and interactive push notifications are some of its main tasks.

Social Studio: Similar to its name, it manages the social profiles of the companies such as creating social media posts. Moreover, it also helps to track the insights and engagement of posts.

Automation Studio: It helps in creating automated tasks for marketing and management of data. Also, adding these to the journey builder results in an uninterrupted workflow with multiple levels.


Journey Builder: It creates fully automated tasks to run marketing campaigns. Using it with Automation Studio gives unimaginable results.

Audience or Contact Builder: It helps to categorize different audiences by gathering their data. So that personalized campaigns can be run for a group of people.

Brand Builder: It lets the users of the Marketing Cloud customize the appearance of their Marketing Cloud. Moreover, it also allows users to upload the logo of the company to add more personalization to the cloud.

Benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The marketing team gets to enjoy a lot of benefits with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This platform lets the marketing team improve CRM and increase sales. Consequently, the Marketing Cloud provides businesses with a wide variety of benefits.

  • Marketing Cloud by Salesforce lets you provide personalized customer support. This is achieved by letting you unify data from sources and devices in one place and getting a comprehensive understanding of your customers.
  • This platform lets the AI manage interactions by letting you combine the data with the help of the Einstein tool.
  • The Marketing Cloud uses the Google Analytics 360 digital tool to track the journey of customers across multiple platforms.
  • Most importantly, the security provided by Salesforce is unparalleled. Therefore everything is encrypted in the Marketing Cloud.
  • The Marketing Cloud provides a tool that eases the process of reaching out to a large number of prospective clients as well as boosting sales.

What Can Be Achieved Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Nowadays, marketing is one of the most important aspects of successfully running a brand against other competitors. In the past 5 years, social media marketing has made its presence significant. However, content creation may need the human mind but the delivery and engagement of that content are also very important.

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can do your email marketing aggressively. Moreover, it also helps in the creation of content for the campaigns. SMS marketing and push notifications from apps can also be delivered at the right time with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Website management and targeted advertising over social media platforms can also be achieved by the Marketing Cloud. In addition, you can also manage the data and ETL activities with the help of a Marketing Cloud.

Why Choose Cloudy Coders?

Cloudy Coders have a team of experts in the field of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Their knowledge and experience will help you have better services to level up your marketing strategies.

Their consultants will provide you with integrated solutions that are very well-versed for every business type. You will be able to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud quickly and in the most effective ways.

If you hire Cloudy Coders to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud, then you can indeed create a better customer journey by providing your customers according to their needs. Getting the best results is easy if you have Cloudy Coders by your side.

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