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Salesforce Vaccine Cloud was launched on January 21, 2021. It was launched to assist healthcare facilities, governments, and charities across the globe. The main objective of this platform is to accelerate vaccine management.

The Vaccine Cloud by Salesforce helps to manage inventory, patient engagement, and effective distribution of vaccines. It also assists the medical staff to train more efficiently for fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is Vaccine Cloud in Salesforce?

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud is a powerful emerging healthcare technology. It accelerates the process of vaccine distribution quicker. The entire process also becomes data-driven.

This platform provides end-to-end vaccine management. This helps the authorities to plan and manage the vaccination more effectively and reach out to more people.

The Vaccine Cloud Service In USA is a complete package. It eases inventory management, training the medical staff as well as vaccine administration.

The most important role played by the Vaccine Cloud is along with the front-line staff. This platform works with the front-line health workers to plan and implement vaccination strategies. It also helps them to engage and interact with people.

Key features of Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Here are some of the significant Salesforce Vaccine Cloud features. These features help in managing vaccine distribution.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is extremely crucial in any health care setting. Therefore, the Vaccine Cloud helps to streamline the inventory. It also lets you predict the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), syringes, and vaccine doses stock levels.

The dashboard of the Vaccine Cloud is AI-enhanced. Hence, it makes the most accurate forecasts about the inventory. Consequently, it reduces waste and also avoids excess supplies

Appointment Scheduling

Stopping crowd formation is the most important requirement during the pandemic. Hence, the Vaccine Cloud has come up with the feature of remote appointments. It is the best feature that helps to decrease the spread of the deadly virus.

The remote scheduling feature by Salesforce allows people to book appointments from home. This process is organized through web-based forms. A person just needs to fill in certain details so the process gets completed.

Telehealth Administration

This feature also prevents community gatherings. People can use telehealth to interact with their doctors and get screened from their homes.

Clinical Administration

Clinical Vaccine administration ensures that the hospital staff is qualified. This platform helps to prevent on-site inefficiencies through its vaccination programs.

Health care institutions can also make use of data collection software and AI. This lets them evaluate the staff’s readiness. Salesforce Vaccine Cloud also maintains community health records, reviews community-wide vaccine outcomes, and documents vaccine administration.

Community Engagement

This feature helps people to be aware of all the latest news related to vaccines. It engages people with information about other health disorders.

The Vaccine Cloud by Salesforce allows vaccine follow-ups. It enables health outcomes tracking to evaluate efficacy across the population.

Why is Vaccine Cloud Needed

Some challenges affect vaccination drives. Salesforce Vaccine Cloud has been upgraded with effective methods to overcome these challenges. Here are some elaborate difficulties and solutions provided by the Vaccine Cloud:

Problem With Staff Management

Instant allotment of staff is a very huge problem that the management has to go through while vaccine drives.

However, it can be fixed to an instance with the help of a Vaccine Cloud. You can use the marketing and advertising tools of Salesforce to constantly forecast the staff shortage.

Outreaching And Engaging With People

One of the most common problems in vaccine drives is to transfer knowledge to all citizens. The lack of knowledge of these types of programs is very important to fight the rumors.

In this type of problem, you can again use the same marketing tools to flow the pre-built templates that educate the people about these drives and vaccines.

Benefits Of Vaccine Cloud

The Vaccine Cloud is a very helpful platform for the HealthCare sector and also for government agencies. In the times of Corona, we have seen the importance of such software. It can be used to monitor the data regarding vaccine drives. You can see all the insights of vaccine drives.

Schedule And Vaccine Management

With the Vaccine Cloud, you can manage the scheduling of vaccination drives. It helps in the centralized management of vaccines. You can track any data regarding vaccines and vaccination drives such as inventory availability, type of vaccine, etc.

Moreover, before such drives, communication with the public to make them aware of it is also very important. It can manage the marketing and advertising of the vaccine drive too.

You can automate the scheduling of appointments. You can also automate the process of prioritization. Apart from that, it can also generate electronic consent letters.

Vaccination Proof Generation

It enables the automatic vaccine proof generation process and updates it on the whole server so that the government and healthcare agencies can keep track of the progress of the vaccine drives.

Moreover, it is also necessary to validate if the citizen has completed the vaccination process or not. With the Vaccine Cloud, you can generate instant certificates for the citizens and also provide them with QR codes so that the validation can be done easily.

Automatic Alerts

Sometimes some vaccines have to be jabbed more than once. So to send alerts to the citizens about their second and third dose, the Vaccine Cloud does it automatically. It sends the alert through SMS and in-app notifications.

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