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Non-profits are growing at an exciting pace. But because of the spending limit, it becomes difficult to keep up with financially stable firms. Therefore, Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud ensures that you can continue the good work.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud provides you with a network that keeps your budget foremost. Moreover, it also provides Salesforce capabilities at a discounted rate.

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How does the Non-Profit Cloud help your organization?

Salesforce’s Non-Profit Cloud is there to help you raise more money for every requirement. This helps you reach the set goals even more quickly. You can also analyze your effectiveness faster. This is because you hold the power to control and quantify the events in real-time.

The Non-Profit Cloud helps you to draw successful future strategies. You can also look over your previous timelines and priorities. This allows you to gain useful insight into donors. Moreover, AI further boosts your efforts.

Working for a non-profit you must be well acquainted with the fact that time is your biggest asset. For that reason, the Non-Profit Cloud is the best platform to provide help to you. This platform lets you store all the data in one place.

So, you can access projects or add and manage new projects from anywhere across the globe. Besides, everything becomes digital and at your convenience. So this also reduces the use of paper.

What does the Non-Profit Cloud do?

The Non-Profit Cloud gives you a consistent report about all the programs and the outgoings. This enables you to make more informed and cost-effective decisions. All your decisions will be based on real-time data which will significantly affect your marketing and outreach strategies.

You can be ready every time with all the information about your client. This is because all client documents are collected in one system and are accessible from anywhere. Most importantly, you can stay connected with all your clients with the integrated social media feature.

The non-profit platform is extremely adaptable. You can manage volunteers, and gain information on new volunteers. You can also manage your recent funding according to your organization’s needs.

The biggest pro of implementing the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud is that you get more than 17,000 partner applications. All of them are available on the non-profit AppExchange platform for you to use in case you feel anything is missing.

Benefits of using Non-Profit Cloud with Salesforce

Streamlines the business

The most significant advantage of using Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud is that it clears the clutter. So, you get a more actionable plan which is more organized. But how does it happen?

The Non-Profit Cloud has built-in features. These features give the NGOs the liberty to customize their workspace for every person included. The role of the Salesforce here is to overcome difficulties faced by non-profit organizations. These include activities like managing the workforce, fundraising as well as grants.

This platform also lets teams create a personalized dashboard. This helps them to perform and manage their jobs easily.

Immense Support

The support of Salesforce is unmatched. You can never feel alone or struggle to understand its features and layouts. All of it is covered by the support system of Salesforce.

Experts are always ready to help you if you are facing any difficulty and give you the best possible solutions. Therefore, by using the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud you can ask for help anytime and anywhere.


The most important reason for using a Non-Profit Cloud is its affordability. This platform assists more than 32000 non-profits all across the world.

The main reason behind its affordability is the Power of Us program. It helps NGOs or non-profits with budget-friendly programs and products. Besides, the first 10 subscriptions have been made completely free for such organizations.

Once you try the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud you will find lucrative offers at a lower price.

This makes Salesforce a true partner of a nonprofit organization. Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud helps you connect with more customers and increase your reach quickly and cost-effectively.

Accelerate Your Business With Nonprofit Cloud

Many decisions have to be taken while running a non-profit organization. Moreover, these decisions should be based on the data, so that the result turns out the best. Our Non-Profit Cloud will help you to make these decisions very easily.

Non-Profit Cloud provides huge data management and data processing tools that help to maintain all the functions of your organization to work properly. It manages everything from donor management to fundraising.

Moreover, tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) tracking of donor data and automated marketing help the system to work faster. In addition, there are some more highlights of the Non-Profit Cloud. Let's look at them briefly.

Event Management In Real Time

Real-time events like fundraiser events are significant for a non-profit organization. However, the management of real-time events is not that easy and includes a lot of research and analysis.

Our Non-Profit Cloud provides personalized tools and assistance that are capable of managing all the functions of these events. The personalized CRM manages sponsors, hosts, and audiences in one place. The smooth functionality of our Non-Profit Cloud can help you bring more engagement and generate more revenue.

Uninterrupted Communication

Non-Profit Cloud integrates all your departments to work in a synchronized manner. It connects the different staff of your organization like fundraising staff, employee management, and event management staff, beneficiaries, volunteers.

It allows the smooth collaboration of all the workers of your organization which results in very efficient working conditions. Overall, it helps you in cost-cutting in many areas through automation.

Non-Profit Cloud Integration

Time-to-time synchronization of data overall systems is very important. With a Non-Profit Cloud, you don't have to worry since there is no need to do it manually. You can leave it to the Non-Profit Cloud.

It can Integrate all the data regarding bank accounts, donor information, donations, etc in real-time. Moreover, it also updates the data on every computer by uploading it to the cloud. So that the data can be accessible by any of the systems that are connected through Salesforce AppExchange.

Why Choose Cloudy Coders' Non-Profit Cloud?

In Cloudy Coders' Non-Profit Cloud, you will get all the above-mentioned features. Moreover, along with all this, you will also get some personalized features that will boost the performance of your organization.

With Cloudy Coders, you get personalized donor assistance that helps in targeted marketing. A digital and intelligent engagement system improves donor leads and drives more traffic. The perfect analysis of Cloudy Coders' Non-Profit Cloud implementation enhances the overall performance of the organization.

Apart from that, Cloudy Coders can also implement tools that can show you all the insights of the organization in a single click. Insights like donation history, birthdays, attendance, and important events can be accessed from any system that is connected with the cloud.

All of this, along with one of the best post-sales services make Cloudy Coders an excellent choice for implementing Salesforce Non-Profit cloud for your organization.

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