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Lightning Web Components were launched by Salesforce to build a single interactive page application for the developers. These applications can be used on laptops as well as mobile. It is primarily used to build an interactive application using two methods- the LWC model and the Aura component model.

What is Lightning Web Components (LWC) Development in Salesforce?

Salesforce has developed a new programming model called Lightning Web Development. Salesforce LWC is used to build single-page responsive UI-based apps for mobile and desktops.

This new model exists along with the Aura component model and they both give unmatched performances. The user interface of Salesforce LWC is built with HTML and JavaScript. The components of LWC are core web component standards. It also uses elements like shadow DOM, templates, and modules along with new languages like ECMAScript7.

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Salesforce LWC has an upper hand over Aura as it is extremely simple to develop apps on LWC. Apps can be built through knowledge of HTML and JavaScript which are very simple languages.

Why do you need it? How is it in comparison to Aura Components?

Lightning Web Components have a lot of advantages over Aura Components. Most of them directly benefit Salesforce users. However, LWC and Aura Components can exist parallel to each other in your Salesforce implementation. Some of the advantages of using LWC are:

  • Apps made with LWC are more standardized when compared to Aura Components. The reason is very simple: LWC apps are mostly based on JavaScript which is also known as the Universal Browser Language.
  • Web Components are designed in a way that the apps with LWC always remain lighter and work faster than other components. It drastically improves the performance of apps and provides you with a faster experience.
  • Another advantage of Lightning Web Components is their user-friendly interface. The apps with LWC are always easy to use. Users can easily learn to use these apps even if they don't have any prior experience with Salesforce.
  • The lightweight UI or Salesforce LWC helps the developers to retain the simplicity of apps. Moreover, the structure of apps includes minimum and flawless transitions.

Key Features Of Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Salesforce Lightning Web Components undoubtedly provide useful enhancement to your Salesforce CRM. Its advanced feature helps to provide some unmatched benefits to your CRM. Some of its features are:

Minimal Loading Time

With Salesforce Lightning Web Components, the loading time of websites decreases significantly. The reason for such a difference is the lighter framework of these components.

Better Deliverability

The performance of Salesforce increases exponentially after the implementation of Lightning Components. It also results in enhanced deliverability with the help of LWC.

Seamless Transfers

Due to its top-notch and light framework, it provides very fast transfer speeds. The synchronization of data happens in real time.

Easy To Learn

Our developers make apps with Lightning Experience User Interface that results in very simple and easy-to-use apps. In addition, you also get the most advanced features that help in growing your business exponentially. In simple words, you get the simplest apps with powerful tools at the same time.

Enhanced Performance

Lightning Web Components provide the capability of making apps that can integrate with Aura Components very easily. Due to this, you get significantly higher performance in comparison to the other apps.

Advantages of Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Here are some of the significant benefits you get to enjoy by choosing Salesforce Lightning Web Components over Aura:

Salesforce LWC makes use of the core Web Components. This gives you access to all the tools that you require to enhance your performance in browsers. LWC is extremely user-friendly as it makes everything very simple

Besides, Salesforce LWC is built on languages that are indigenous to browsers like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. LWC also uses JavaScript with ES6+. This proves to be beneficial while using HTML templates and custom elements.

Since a major part of the code of Salesforce Lightning Web Components is written in HTML and JavaScript it becomes very simple to learn its usage. This is because of the absence of any abstraction layer in between. Besides you also do not need to be aware of any other framework for performing most of your work

Salesforce Lightning Web Components run faster than Aura components because it does not have an abstraction layer. Since it is lightweight its performance is enhanced exponentially. Moreover, Salesforce LWC is also memory-efficient because it is built on Web components.

Transitions can be made very easily and efficiently because of the absence of an additional framework in the Salesforce Lightning Web Component (LWC).

Debugging becomes completely seamless through Salesforce Lightning Web Components. This is because it gives you access to solutions for your development problems through forums and communities. You can also find answers in other places on the web.

Salesforce Lightning Web Components is extremely versatile as it lets you make use of the complete encapsulation

Why Choose Cloudy Coders?

We have a team of experienced developers who develop the most personalized and advanced LWC apps. Moreover, our team is best at retaining the simplicity factor in the apps. We at Cloudy Coders always provide the best possible service to our clients. We help our clients to build the most useful and user-friendly apps that must bring the engagement to your business that you deserve. Our developers always understand the actual needs and ideas of the clients and give them the best output. Additionally, we always stand by the side of our clients from beginning to end and even after that.