Twilio and Salesforce integration for a
food and feed ingredient brand



About Company

Established as one of the most reliable food-feed ingredient brands, the client has empowered farmer communities by shipping and marketing their high-quality product globally.

As a cross-border business, it takes an improved share of worldwide imports and exports each year. Business seems to be demanding. Demanding to consider or review their customer engagement approach and give them customer support.

Project Challenges

The client reached out to Cloudy Coders to evaluate their operations and receive advice on how to change the way businesses operate, including the user experience. They asked us to set up a WhatsApp messaging system and create a service that scheduled their calls with customers and provided an inbound contact facility to handle incoming calls, etc.




A comprehensive plan was developed and implemented. We created a Twilio Sandbox  (API) for WhatsApp to send outbound messages, reply to incoming messages, and configure things like message delivery callbacks as well as Preconfigured template services to send notifications, reminders, and verification codes.


The client has identified that this implementation allows them to communicate with customers. It gives access to all the information about the lead customer and product delivery. Another benefit was being able to communicate with contacts and customers without needing to use their numbers to send messages. Salesforce allows you to create and manage the relationship with customers or clients. Twilio lets you continue to grow that relationship through a variety of communication channels.

Data management and record tracking Increased by 90%
Efficiency Increased by 86%
Complexity to handle the system Decreased by 89%