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Will Salesforce Commerce Cloud Take The Economic Industry By Storm?

Will Salesforce Commerce Cloud Take The Economic Industry By Storm?

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

E-commerce is becoming famous between both sellers and buyers nowadays. The reason is simple: e-commerce makes things easier for both parties. However, maintaining your e-commerce Business is more difficult than searching for a product that you saw yesterday. But Salesforce commerce cloud is here to help you out with your e-commerce business. Commerce Cloud is among the cloud-based services that Salesforce offers. The simplest way to explain its purpose of it is to make the maintenance of an e-commerce business easy. It comprises many tools and services such as insights display, important business tools, multiple device connectivity, and synchronization through the cloud.


How Commerce Cloud is a boon for the E-commerce industry?

Commerce Cloud is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for e-commerce businesses. To see the effect of the platform, you should see the benefits of Salesforce integration. As there are countless benefits of commerce clouds, let's discuss some of them briefly.


●Different models for different types of businesses

The two most famous models of e-commerce businesses are B2B and B2C. And there's no doubt that both of these models need different attention to run and expand quickly. So, to tackle that, the Salesforce commerce cloud offers personalized clouds for both.

●Cost cutting through order management

No one likes to cut the cost of running their business by compromising the quality of their product. But on the other hand, it is necessary to keep a good profit margin to continue the business. Here, the Salesforce implementation helps by efficiently managing the orders. It helps to cut the costs of maintaining and shipping the product.


●Multiple payments method gateway

The availability of multiple payment methods helps to convert visitors into customers. However, having all the payment methods such as cards, wallets, net banking, UPI, etc is not an easy game. But Commerce Cloud covers your business here too. It provides multiple payment gateways in one place.


●Best inventory management

Inventory management is the most hectic part of an e-commerce business. Inventory needs the most attention when it comes to an e-commerce business. Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps in managing your inventory by centralizing and syncing it with all your systems. This is done by having a central cloud for all systems.


These are some of the benefits of Salesforce implementation in e-commerce businesses. You can see how Salesforce implementation takes e-commerce businesses to a next level.


Advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Moving on to the advantages of commerce cloud which are countless too. Thanks to the customization options that are offered by this amazing cloud. But, some features solve the problems that are common to most businesses. Let's discuss some of the popular features of the commerce cloud and their advantages.

●Creative website building

With Commerce Cloud, you can build an amazing website for your business with tons of features. Creating a website through the commerce cloud allows you to add many features. It includes rating and review administrator, feedback collection, multi-device support, etc. Moreover, the most popular feature of the commerce cloud is the multi-currency and multilingual support. In addition, the multiple payment method gateway is also here.


●24*7 Customer support

Customer support is among those aspects of e-commerce business that help in building the trust of the customers. And of course, it helps in resolving the customers' queries too. But it is very expensive to provide 24*7 Customer support by the traditional method. With the commerce cloud, you can get chatbots. They can chat with the customers and solve their queries by using case studies and customer data. And you can use these bots to serve your customers 24*7 with minimal operational cost.


●Personalized marketing options

Best marketing practices are very important for e-commerce businesses today. But do you know you can use ultimate marketing techniques with the help of your customers' data? Data is very powerful if used properly. Salesforce commerce cloud provides creative email and in-app marketing. To do so, It uses the data of the customer collected by the systems. It uses the shopping patterns of customers to target them with exactly what they need.


Commerce cloud implementation with Cloudy Coders?


We will not get surprised if someone states that Salesforce didn't work for them. The reason is that we know the problem is not with the commerce cloud but with its implementation. There can be a huge difference in the results due to the Salesforce implementation. Here at Cloudy Coders, we always make sure to implement Salesforce in clients' businesses in the most efficient way. Our Salesforce consultants deeply research the client's business. Based on that research the necessary customizations are done. Moreover, we also provide the best customer support to our clients and help them with all their problems and queries.

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