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Introduction to Salesforce AppExchange and its popular applications

Introduction to Salesforce AppExchange and its popular applications

Salesforce AppExchange is a cloud computing of Salesforce launched in 2005. With AppExchange, users can easily install software applications. There is a mixed cluster of applications in which some are paid apps and some are free.

The domains covered in this cluster are customer service, small businesses, real estate, education, manufacturing, and more. These applications provide solutions to companies and let them make wise and profitable decisions and strategies for their business growth.

The two most popular applications on this platform are LinkedIn for Salesforce and Outlook Integration for Salesforce. With LinkedIn for Salesforce, users can access the information of the LinkedIn profiles saved in Salesforce. With Outlook Integration for Salesforce, users can access the Salesforce data in Microsoft Outlook directly.

Salesforce partners can create and publish their solutions on AppExchange for installations. Other Salesforce partners can install the published applications as per their organization’s needs.

LinkedIn for Salesforce

The consolidation of Salesforce with LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives an advantage of CRM functionalities to the users. This integration let the users take the benefits of two platforms in a single place.

The users can keep the data of the sales leads in the CRM database and can approach them as per their planned strategy. Users can also keep the communications with the prospects updated in the CRM for planning the next steps to crack the deal. There is no need to switch between different platforms to keep a track of the prospects.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps companies to find potential leads for their business based on specific industries, job roles, Job profiles and, much more. The integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce provides better data management and improves communication with prospects.

If you are looking forward to integrating Salesforce with your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, here are the prerequisites for that:

  • The user should have administrator access for the installation.
  • The user should have an active LinkedIn account and must have purchased a Sales Navigator plan.
  • The user should have a JavaScript-enabled browser.
  • The user should have the flash player 9 or above version with minimum IE7.

Salesforce AppExchange is the best tool to integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Outlook Integration for Salesforce

In this era of ambitions and competition, sales professionals still spending their half time and efforts on managing data manually lags behind the ones who are technology friendly. Outlook Integration for Salesforce let sales professionals manage their emails, leads, and data all in one place. Switching between different platforms doubles your time and effort.

The integration of Salesforce and Outlook gives various advantages to sales professionals.

  • Eliminates the time of data entry on two platforms.
  • Sales professionals can get all the data from a single source.
  • Helps the sales professionals in tracking the emails associated with the Salesforce database.
  • Have access to various email templates for approaching prospects.
  • They can focus on sales strategies rather than investing their time in managing the data entry.

Salesforce AppExchange is the best tool to integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Outlook.

Cloudy Coders is a Salesforce Partner that provides the integration service for Salesforce AppExchange services. If you are willing to know more about how Salesforce AppExchange applications can help you in managing your business operations efficiently, reach out to us.

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