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Get To Know More About Integration Of Salesforce With Slack

Integration of Salesforce with Slack

Integration of Salesforce with Slack

Slack is one of the most popular workplace chat applications. The company which used to own Slack was worth more than 20 billion dollars. So let us know more about this app and its integration with Salesforce.

What is Slack? Benefits of using Slack

Slack is a communication tool made especially for workplaces. It brings tools, files, and messaging under one roof. In other words, Slack is a messaging system with numerous add-ins and tools for workplaces.

Besides being a communication platform, it is also a collaboration hub. It has several features like voice calls, instant messaging as well as video calls. Slack also has standalone apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. It can also operate on web browsers.

This platform allows enterprises to control the use of this app. This means that people can use this only if their company sends them an invitation. Different teams can create Slack workspace. They can also keep upgrading their plan for various advanced features.

By now you must have an idea that slack is not just a chatting platform. It is more than that. Slack provides a range of teamwork and collaboration tools. Here are some of the features of Slack that set it apart from other platforms.

Notification Setting

Slack lets you change your notification setting in such a way that you continue to be part of several busy channels. However, these settings help you participate in all the channels without distracting you with constant notifications.

You can limit the notifications by allowing you to be notified only when someone mentions you in the channels. You can also choose to be notified when a certain word is being mentioned in the channels.

Notifications can also be controlled through an automatic schedule. This lets you disable notifications outside your work schedule.

Team Tools

Teams can draw the attention of specific members by mentioning the person’s name. You can type @user’s name in the chat and this will alert the concerned team member immediately.

The tools in Slack make it easy to share images and files directly with the team. This platform also keeps a track of all the conversations. So, it becomes easy for group members to find context for any information.

You can also attract attention easily by using GIFs and emojis while sharing information. Any URL can be integrated with GIFs easily in Slack.

Communication Tools

You can start a Slack huddle in any channel to have a quick audio conversation. You can also share your screen and control who can participate in the huddle. Members can also share video recordings in Slack channels.

All these recordings get automatically stored in the searchable archive. You also get the option of scheduling a recording to appear at a certain time.

Upgraded plans of Slack like Business+ support Slack Atlas. This feature allows you to add user profiles. This helps newcomers comprehend the structure of your organization.

This feature also integrated the workday tool which updates the teams with all the information.

How does Salesforce come into the picture with Slack?

Even though these platforms- Salesforce and Slack- are separate and can be used individually, the real magic happens when you set Slack integrated with Salesforce.

The two applications work together to help your business reach new heights. This increases the ease of your work multi-folds.

The integration of Salesforce with Slack lets the team members view the records of Salesforce from Slack itself. It also enables the users to interact with external and internal users of Salesforce. You can also respond to certain important actions more quickly.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Slack

Here are some highlight features of integrating Salesforce and Slack platforms. These are some of the most beneficial features for an enterprise.

Keep Everyone on Track

Standard, as well as custom objects, can be viewed or searched without leaving Slack. You can easily include someone against a record of Salesforce from Slack itself. Therefore, everybody can get the context that is required to decide at any time.

Simply use -/Salesforce [search term]. This will let you search for Salesforce records in Slack.

Stay Informed

Users can manage notifications and alerts by customizing them at their convenience. This way all the users can stay updated with the Salesforce records within Slack.

This is extremely beneficial for service and sales users. They don’t have to log in to different apps as they can view all the information from Slack. Thereby, it enhances the productivity of the team members and gives them more time to concentrate on comparatively significant apps or clients.


The integration of Salesforce and Slack has opened up new methods for easy functioning. It lets users pull or search for Salesforce information from Slack itself.

This integration lets users operate features like sending updates of Salesforce on the Slack workspace as well as other records. Users can set alerts on changes in both platforms which saves them a lot of time and finish their work from one platform only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Slack integration with Salesforce free?

Yes, Slack integration with Salesforce is absolutely free of cost. It is a free to use app that can be easily downloaded from the Slack App Directory. However, there is another companion app that should be downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange. The companion app is also available to download free of cost.

Q. How do I set up Slack in Salesforce?

Setting up Slack in Salesforce is very easy. Here is the guide to setting up Slack in Salesforce with a few simple steps.

● Open Salesforce and click on the plus(+) icon at the top of the page.

● Now, search for the Slack setup and click on it to start the setup.

● Click on the "Get Started" button.

● Now, click on "Authorize" to accept the access request for your Salesforce org.

● Fill up your Salesforce details and click "Finish".

Q. Why does Salesforce need Slack?

Slack is a very famous platform among big companies and organizations. It is widely used by companies for the betterment of connectivity between their employees. Now, Slack is smoothly integrated with Salesforce and helps the employees of companies to access the customers' insight from anywhere.

Q. Is Slack a CRM tool?

No, Slack is not a CRM tool. However, it can be easily integrated with the CRM of your Salesforce Org.

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