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What is Salesforce DevOps?

What is Salesforce DevOps?

Salesforce DevOps, on a broad level, is the DevOps for businesses and organizations around the world that are using Salesforce. It enables the admins and developers to develop new and more productive tools within Salesforce that are more specific to their businesses. Moreover, it also allows them to make changes and develop new features in Salesforce. With Salesforce DevOps, you can produce powerful tools that specifically help your business or other businesses in your market type to grow. Moreover, it is an open-source program so it allows everybody to contribute to the development of new tools, features, and changes irrespective of their job titles and experiences.

Salesforce DevOps Tools

Salesforce DevOps has several different tools that perform various functions. Let's look at them briefly:

  • Deployment Tools

Deployment Tools help to track the progress of different projects. Moreover, they help in the assistance of the teams working on a single project. It contains a lot of different functions along with an easy-to-use UI. Some common features of Deployment Tools are:

Version Control: It allows you to integrate yourself with your hosting provider like GitHub, so that you can see what was modified, when and by whom.

CI/CD: Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery is the feature that does the same as it says. It ensures the continuous delivery of the product from your different sandboxes. Moreover, it continuously integrates between the line of delivery and your sandboxes.

Rollback: It is used to discontinue any project that is not going as planned without interrupting your users.

Apart from that, there are features like testing and reporting that helps in the maintenance of the quality of products made in Salesforce DevOps.

  • Backup Tools

Same as its name, these tools are used to create backups of data of the projects. It saves all the operations from time to time to provide a safe work experience to the developers. Moreover, backup in Salesforce DevOps is of two different types.

Data Backup: Data Backup is the backup of the value of the project. There are multiple ways of backing up data in Salesforce DevOps. But one of the best options is dedicated backup apps.

MetaData Backup: There are also tools to back up the metadata of the projects. Some of the famous tools are Own Backup, Grax, etc.

  • Test Automation Tools

Salesforce DevOps testing tools are very advanced. Apart from only testing the code coverage, it also tests the complete build of your tool. It helps to evaluate your tool and check if the tool is performing the tasks that it is meant to perform. These automated testing tools work very fast and find bugs & glitches in real time.

  • Code Scanning Tools

Even an experienced coder gets frustrated when there is an error in the code that they are not able to identify. However, with Salesforce DevOps Code Scanning Tools you don't have to worry about these minor faults. Code Scanning tools help in writing the most efficient codes for your tools. Some of the famous code scanner tools are PMD, Checkmarx, Quality Clouds, SonarQube, Code Scan, etc.

Benefits Of Salesforce DevOps

Apart from providing newer tools to the Salesforce community, there are a lot of benefits of Salesforce DevOps. Some of them are as follows.

  • Finely Furnished Tools

The open-source environment of Salesforce DevOps has developed a community of talented and innovative people. This is why the tools developed in Salesforce DevOps are considered to be very good. The quality of every tool is maintained even after the release for Salesforce community use.

  • Negligible Bugs And Glitches

The massive community support of Salesforce DevOps helps in the production of tools with almost no bugs and glitches. Every tool or feature is tested a lot of times before its release. However, if there is any bug that shows up in a tool while its public use, it is fixed instantly.

  • Backup Support

Salesforce DevOps provides one of the best backup services to its users. It helps to save the data of the users so that their development will not be lost. Moreover, it also allows the flexible exchange of services between different users.

  • Increase In Sales

It is a fact that the implementation of Salesforce increases the sales of businesses. In addition, the new tools and features developed under the Salesforce DevOps further add more sales to the businesses.

There are many more benefits of Salesforce DevOps that make overall Salesforce services better and enhance the customers' experience.

In the end, there is no doubt that Salesforce DevOps is helpful for software cooperation. Moreover, it is also becoming a mainstream program because it is solving problems on a very large scale. The career options in this field are also increasing immensely, with the future looking brighter than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Salesforce DevOps?

Salesforce DevOps is a set of practices and IT software culture that enhances productivity and provides developers with a space to build new and improved tools for Salesforce.

Q. What are Salesforce DevOps tools?

Salesforce DevOps tools help in the automation of various processes in Salesforce DevOps to make them quick and accurate. They include tools that assist in deployment, backup, test automation and code scanning etc.

Q. Who is a Salesforce DevOps engineer?

A person is referred to as a Salesforce DevOps engineer if he/she is implementing new ideas to make or improve Salesforce tools that are helping the users of Salesforce.

Q. Does Salesforce DevOps require coding?

It is not necessary to know coding to be a part of Salesforce DevOps. You can become a Salesforce DevOps admin that requires no knowledge of coding.

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