Setup Sales Cloud
For a Australian Client



About Company

As a specialist in equipment manufacturing, the client lends commercial assets for trucks, forklifts, cranes, mining equipment, construction machinery, and materials handling equipment. Forklifts, warehouse equipment, cranes, and Baumann side loaders are supplied and distributed exclusively by the client in Australia.

This will ensure that the client will continue to grow and service their industries by providing the appropriate tools to their Sales Representatives, as well as access to their data.

Project Challenges

The client reached out to Cloudy Coders to evaluate their operations and receive advice on implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud. With an annual spend of $70k-90k; they were considering switching to another CRM platform due to inconsistencies in lead generation and contact validations, as well as formatting issues with quote templates and attachments. Other aspects they discussed were their enterprise license expiry date (within three months), licensing options and adoption, near file and data limits, and lack of clarity when analyzing App Exchange Apps for the best fit.




A comprehensive scope was developed and implemented, garnering configuration for Users, Roles, Profiles, Permission sets, Record types, Page Layouts, List Views, Lead Management (including assignments), Accounts (including Hierarchy setup), Opportunities (notifications, workflow rules, and Validations), Contacts, Duplicate Management across Accounts and Contacts; Reports & Dashboards (an audit on existing reports and creation of new ones); a Data Migration from an existing Enterprise to the new Professional Salesforce ORG; Classic to Lighting end-user and admin training; integration of a Business card reader app; Product and Pricing Management Configuration; as well as a Document Archive solution.


The Client has identified that the Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation resulted in reducing license costs with the use of Sales Cloud Professional instead of Enterprise licenses. Pain points were identified and addressed by a solution, increasing the efficiency with the addition of a lightning solution and ensuring consistency when using the software. Furthermore, this implementation ensures future-proof Data management by managing any duplicity, file management, and archiving.

Cost Reduced by 85%
Data Management and Record Tracking Improved by 90%
Efficiency Improved by 80%