Financial Service Firm need
Jotform integration with Salesforce



About Company

A financial service firm had been using Jotform to collect leads from their website and social media pages. They were manually inputting the data from Jotform into Salesforce.

Project Challenges

Our client was manually inputting the data from Jotfom, which was time-consuming. It was prone to error. They were also having trouble tracking which leads had converted into clients, as the data was not being updated consistently across platforms.




To address these challenges, the firm decided to integrate Jotform with Salesforce using Zapier, a third-party integration platform. Zapier allows businesses to create automated workflows between different apps and services.

  • This integration allows users to map form fields to Salesforce fields and automatically create new leads or contacts in Salesforce whenever someone submits a form on their website.

  • The integration also enabled the firm to automatically assign leads to specific sales reps based on their geographical location, which helped to streamline the sales process and improve the customer experience. 

  • Additionally, the integration enabled the firm to track the status of each lead in Salesforce and set up automated follow-up emails to nurture leads that were not yet ready to purchase.


  • The integration of JotForm and Salesforce helped the firm save time and reduce errors in data management.

  • They were able to quickly and easily collect and update lead data, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

  • They also gained better insights into their lead-to-client conversion rate, as all data was tracked consistently across platforms.

  • This helped them make more informed decisions about their sales and marketing strategies.

Customer data accuracy Increased by 63%
Business growth rate Increased by 40%
Working efficiency Increased by 74%