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Get Yourself Ready For Salesforce Einstein Analytics Today

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

1.  What Is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

 Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a cloud-based tool that is widely used for analytics research. Einstein Analytics was formerly known as Wave Analytics. The tool was integrated with Salesforce and renamed to Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

The main functions of Salesforce Einstein Analytics are data analysis, report visualization, insights visualization, etc. Moreover, it can be further upgraded to perform more tasks by installing add-on tools from AppExchange.

Einstein Analytics is preferred by most Salesforce users for its simple dashboard design and easy-to-view insights. However, Einstein Analytics is not a pre-embedded part of Salesforce but it is very well integrated with Salesforce.

2.  How To Know If You’re Ready For Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

 If you are an existing user of Salesforce's services, then it depends upon the size of your business whether you need Einstein Analytics or not. The Salesforce CRM is a powerful data processing tool that provides very useful insights. But if you want to process a large amount of data and extract only useful insights and information then you should implement Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

However, the tool is not very hard to implement and use, so you can start using Einstein Analytics at any point in time. But, Einstein Analytics is a paid service and you have to pay separately for the tool. So, you should first evaluate if your data has started exceeding. Einstein Analytics has three different subscription levels and you can choose for yourself accordingly.

Four Components of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics has four major components: App, Dashboard, Lens, and Dataflow. Let's explore these components one by one in brief.


An app is like a folder that is used to store the dataset, lens, and dashboards. Apps are shareable entities that can be shared by username, role, or group. Moreover, you can share an app with various levels of access such as manager, viewer, and editor. You also get an app named "My Private App" that can be used for the storage of private data and reports.


Einstein Analytics Dashboard contains many widgets with useful information which you can access very easily. Moreover, you also get a filter widget that is used for the easy sorting of data. Einstein Analytics Dashboard has a cluster of widgets with different data and charts.

Another feature of Einstein Analytics Dashboard is that if you make any selection in a widget, then the selected data will automatically be highlighted in other widgets.


A lens can be considered a Salesforce report. However, in Einstein Analytics, a lens is not used as the primary source of data for the dashboard. Moreover, you can explore the dashboard in the form of a lens. In addition, the lens can be stored in an app.


Dataflow is the interconnected nodes that transform the data into Datasets. This data can either be obtained from pre-existing Einstein Analytics or external sources. A Salesforce object can also be used as a source of data.

3.  Benefits Of Using Salesforce Einstein Analytics

There are numerous benefits of using Einstein Analytics some of them are:

Increased Accuracy

It directly increases the accuracy of the reports. Due to this, you get useful and valuable insights about your business. Since Einstein Analytics has improved its capability of handling data, the quality and quantity of data also turn out to be better.

Better Analysis Of Trends

With Einstein Analytics, you get the power to do a competitive analysis of your business and the market of your business. It helps you to keep track of the market trends that are very important to follow.  The right marketing of your business at right with important trends is very crucial.

Increased Performance

There's no doubt that Einstein Analytics exceptionally increases the performance of businesses. You can keep track of the customer's purchasing habits and can offer better service & personalized offers. It can also be used for the internal auditing of your business to boost the performance of the business with new marketing strategies.

4.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Einstein Analytics?

Einstein Analytics is a tool used for your business's analytical research. Deep Data Exploration and predictions are the main features of Einstein Analytics. It is owned by Salesforce and renamed from Wave Analytics to Einstein Analytics.

Q. Do I have to purchase Einstein Analytics?

Yes, Einstein Analytics is a product of Salesforce and is sold separately. It does not come built-in with the Salesforce services but it is very well integrated with Salesforce. There are three subscription plans from which you can choose according to your need.

Q. Are Einstein Analytics and Tableau CRM the same?

The name, Einstein Analytics was changed to Tableau CRM in the year 2020. The rebranding included the enhanced compatibility of the tool.

Q. Who developed Einstein Analytics?

In 2017, Salesforce came up with their new product called Einstein Analytics which was formerly known as Wave Analytics.

 We hope this information was useful to you.

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