Salesforce integration with
a cloud based platform



About Company


Our client is a cloud-based platform that wants a powerful platform to integrate with Salesforce.

A cloud-based platform that provides- 

  • IT services for business tasks and management automation, 

  • It makes use of machine learning to make the most of data and workflow

  • Helps businesses to become faster and more scalable

  •   provide a wide range of product centered on business need such as-Automating applications, business management tools, customer service management tools, security management, and human resource management.

Project Challenges

  • Our client wants us to integrate table data of a cloud-based platform in Salesforce Custom Objects.

  • Create data in Salesforce once the record is created in that cloud-based platform.

  • Write service rules on that platform.





  • Designed tables and their service now.

  • Created business rules on records

  • Written Java scripts to call salesforce to create API in a custom object 

  • Generated an access token using username and password 

  • Added functionality to synchronize records in Salesforce


The integration with salesforce enhanced cross-team collaboration enhanced their capabilities, and took automation to the next level as well as improved visibility into recurring issues, tasks, and operations, and faster client issue resolution.

Visibility into tasks, issues, and operation Increased by 79%
Client’s issue resolution Increased by 80%
Growth rate Increased by 70%