An Australian Software Company need
Salesforce integration with Jira using Zapier



About Company

Our client is a software company in Australia that designs software and applications. It also provides customer service and support. Our client wanted to create cases to troubleshoot and monitor the progress of a project.

Project Challenges

Connecting support and development teams has never been easier. They wanted us to integrate Salesforce services with Jira (a project management tool) for bug and issue tracking, improving efficiency, and reducing the complexity of the work.




Zapier is an effective tool for the integration of web applications and task automation. It enables automatic information transmission between the Jira software server and Salesforce without requiring any coding.

  • Scrum boards helped break large, complex projects into smaller pieces of work to work faster.

  • Kanban boards helped to visualize workflow and maximize the efficiency of the team


The client has identified that this implementation was effectively beneficial for its company. Full visibility gave teams the context they needed to make a quick decision.

Jira automation improved the focus on important things. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards in Jira offered critical insights into the work to update the team and set it up for success.

Complexity of work Decreased by 90%
Accuracy and efficiency of work Decreased by 87%
Complexity in data management Decreased by 70%