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Upgrade your business with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Upgrade your business with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud was introduced in 2019 to automate manufacturing operations. Implementing this Salesforce product will segregate the different departments of the manufacturing company and provide insights to get a better understanding of the business and make beneficial decisions.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a managed package and the company can decide how it should be implemented in the organization. It can be implemented for both service and sales or individually as well.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud provides solutions to the manufacturing industry by associating the sales and operations departments of the company. The solutions are Sales Agreements, community cloud, account-based forecasting, and Einstein analytics.

Sales Agreement

Sales agreement in the Salesforce manufacturing cloud states the legal terms and conditions between the customers and manufacturers. The agreement includes product details, pricing, quantity, and delivery information. The complete life cycle of sales is mentioned in the sales agreement which eases the sales process for the company and gives a transparent view to the customers as well.

Community Cloud

The community cloud let companies provide transparent communication to customers. Activities like updating invoices, keeping track of sales, catalog information, placing an order, setting up KPIs, and marketing can be easily handled with the community cloud. The dashboard and reports provide a clear understanding of all these activities to both manufacturers and buyers.

Account-Based Forecasting

The account-based forecasting helps in managing the resources and capacity of the products with the customer demand. It helps in keeping the track of production and revenue of the company. The team has transparency about the production process and can get all the relevant data from a single source. 

Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud helps companies in making profitable business decisions by providing useful insights. With the provided dashboard, the performance of an individual employee or the entire team can be analyzed easily. The complete data analysis requirement for manufacturing companies can be fulfilled by Einstein Analytics.

Here are the benefits of automating your business process:

  • Simplified Business Operations

The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud allows connecting different departments and sales orders can directly be sent to the fulfillment stage. This implementation leads to the error-free processing of business operations; hence eliminating the chances of suffering business loss because of human error.

  • Valuable Business Insights

Companies will get access to the reports that determine the best and worst-performing products. The insights will let the management take business decisions that are profitable for the company.

  • Inventory Management

With this Salesforce product, manufacturers will be able to track product demands and plan production accordingly. This will lead to a reduction in under or over-production.

  • Contract Management

It helps in keeping a track of business contracts with different clients. Changes in the agreements can be easily updated and intimated to the clients. It helps in keeping the transparency intact between the company and clients and results in a better relationship with the clients.

  • Tracking leads and conversions

With the automated process, it gets easy to track the sales leads and pitch the potential customers that improve the conversion rate. Management will be able to plan a sales strategy that will bring in more business and profit.

Several manufacturing companies are still holding on to traditional business operations. The implementation of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud will drive the efficiency of the business. Manual processing is prone to errors and companies can suffer a severe loss in business.

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